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Introducing Empowered Fertility

The first fertility program designed with personalisation in mind.

So that YOU get what YOU need to have a healthy baby.

No matter how busy you are

Even if you’ve had multiple losses

Even if you’ve been trying for years

In my line of work I’ve talked with hundreds (if not thousands) of women and couples walking their own fertility journey.

Some have seen friends or family members struggling, and they’re terrified it will be tough for them too.

Some have had medical conditions throughout their youth which they’ve been told will make it harder to conceive.

Some ran full force into conception with every thought it would be straight forward, and after years of trying they’re left wondering “What if I’m not meant to be a mum…what if it never happens for me?”

Some of my toughest conversations have been with women who’ve experienced a loss. A longed-for little baby who just wasn’t able to hang in there.

They tell me “I can’t face losing another baby, I want to stop so that I don’t have to go through that again”.

Whilst it might feel like everyone else is having babies, that it will never be your turn, and that this journey is completely out of your hands, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here is how Empowered Fertility can help…

⭐️Instead of getting frustrated that your body is working against you, get in tune with your own fertility cycles.

  • You’ll learn how to predict your own ovulation, based on the signals coming from your body
  • You’ll get personalised strategies to improve your fertility by regulating your hormone levels and making sure your eggs and uterus are in tip top shape

⭐️ Instead of feeling like you have no control over your fertility journey, feel empowered and equipped to take charge of what you can.

  • You’ll get up to date guides on the best nutrition, with bonus content for specific medical conditions such as PCOS.
  • You’ll get a personalised plan, made just for you, with yummy plant-based recipes to add to your repertoire.

⭐️ Instead of being unsure if certain lifestyle habits are helping on hindering your chances of conception, learn what will really impact you getting pregnant.

  • How much exercise is too much or not enough?
  • Does smoking or drinking alcohol really matter?
  • Is my weight affecting my fertility?
  • You’ll find the answer to all these questions, and more.

⭐️ Instead of worrying that you are letting your partner down, learn to reconnect and walk this journey together.

  • You’ll get insight into the 4 deadly horsemen of relationships
  • You’ll learn strategies on how to communicate productively, strategies you can use in parenting too!
  • You’ll find ways to keep the spark going whilst you navigate the unknowns of baby making

⭐️ Instead of feeling disappointed, dejected, and like you’re failing, you will start to feel empowered as a women, and regain enjoyment and hope for the future.

  • Learn my own 8 step SELFCARE guide
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety or low moods
  • Allow yourself to see your dreams without a pregnancy being all consuming
  • Harness positivity to relieve any stress
  • Learn the art of forgiveness and personal growth

⭐️ And because I firmly believe in supporting each and every person who passes through my program, I will set up two sessions with you throughout your journey with me.

  • The first will be at the beginning before you get started
  • The second is once you’ve completed the mental wellbeing section

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Still not sure? Here are what some previous women on their fertility journey have said.

“I felt like my life was controlled by fertility specialist appointments and watching the calendar to see if my period was late each month. The stress of hoping it wouldn’t arrive, and then the frustration of having yet another month of trying was doing my head in. After trying for over two years I felt like a failure.

I went to Hannah as a last ditch effort to boost our chances with IVF. Not only did she help with the practical nutrition and lifestyle changes, but the stress and pressure began to diminish too. I was only half way through the program with her when I became pregnant. Five years and two kids later we have our little family and I can now say the journey was worth it!”

- Laura

“The unknown is the hardest part. I spent my teens and twenties praying my period would come each month. Now I mark off the calendar hoping that one month it doesn’t show. It never crossed my mind that fertility was something that I may struggle with. My sister has 3 kids, I’m one of 4, I just imagined I’d go off my contraception and ‘boom’ hello baby.

An old school friend of mine recommended I see Hannah. I was so embarrassed at first. Ashamed of my body, unsure what to expect, feeling like I was the only person on her books who just couldn’t get pregnant. But I quickly learned that Hannah works with this everyday. She really understood my body and was able to help me gain a new appreciation for it. Together we found some common mistakes I was making, and within 6 months I was pregnant with my gorgeous little boy”

– Catherine

“I felt like each negative test was a stab straight to the heart. Facebook and Instagram were awash with friends having babies. None of them seemed to struggle. I was attending baby shower after baby shower and having friends and family asking me when we were going to have our first. I didn’t know how to answer them. I felt so alone.

Working with Hannah helped me to see motherhood from an entirely different perspective. I went in thinking I could solve all my fertility issues, and came out feeling at peace with the fact that I was trying to ‘fix’ the wrong things. Hannah supported me to get further help in figuring out what was causing my fertility problems. We quickly realised that my best option would be utilising a surrogate. Again Hannah was there to make sure that I was as healthy as I could be physically and mentally for this process.

It wasn’t the journey I was expecting, but through Hannah’s support I was able to make it ‘my journey’, and recognise that motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes!”

- Emma

“I’ll be honest here, I’m in my mid-30s in a high stress corporate job, deciding to start a family for the first time. I knew nothing about health and fertility, but I did realise that I wasn’t an ideal candidate for having a baby. I’d say I was relatively healthy. But I wasn’t great at stopping for lunch, my exercise was hit or miss (quite a bit miss), and my stress levels were admittedly not under control. I’d been on anxiety medication for a number of years, but I just wasn’t focusing on my wellbeing much at all.

I went to Hannah because I believe in listening to people who know their stuff first and foremost. I don’t have time to spend doing my own research, or scrolling through influencers on social media. I needed someone who could give me science-backed information, and push me in the right direction. Hannah certainly delivered. She didn’t sugar coat what needed changing. She also focused on the long term, giving me a reality check about my lifestyle, but also adapting her resources to fit my goals.

I started her program before planning to get pregnant, as I knew I needed to get healthier first. I was pregnant in my second cycle and am now excited to be expecting my first little one any day!”

– Samantha (and Eric)

Your Instructor

Hannah Gentile
Hannah Gentile

Hi! I'm Hannah, I live in the beautiful south island of New Zealand with my husband and two little kiddos.

I've been working in the areas of fertility and paediatric nutrition, and behaviour psychology for 10+ years.

What could be more rewarding than helping women become mums, and then supporting them through to seeing them wave their little one off to primary school?! Simply nothing makes me happier at work, than being part of that.

This fertility course is everything I know as a nutritionist and positive psychology practitioner about how you can give your body its best chance at becoming pregnant. I'm so happy to share this with you and so look forward to working together.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course as soon as you sign up! I've structured it into a 6-week system but you can take as long as you need to work through each section. The direct support from Hannah happens within the first 6 weeks of you enrolling - unless otherwise agreed to via email ([email protected])
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What happens if I get pregnant!?
Well that is the aim! However if you find out you're pregnant within the first month of enrolling you can choose to either enrol in our healthy pregnancy course, or mamma mental wellbeing course, or get a refund. Up to you!

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But couldn’t I just…

Watch free videos on youtube?

Absolutely you can! But how much spare time do you really have? How much time have you already spent on this? And how do you guarantee the effectiveness of the free information getting dished out?

Here I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve done the 6 years of university study, I’ve done the professional development, I’ve worked with clients and poured over case studies.

All so that you don’t have to.

I firmly believe that the more you watch free video after free video the more obsessed you become with the ‘right’ way to be fertile. Which just adds more stress and pressure to your life.

Take a break, and let me support you through this journey instead.

Ask my friend who struggled with fertility for advice?

It is so important to reach out to people you know who have been down a similar road to you. Their support is invaluable.

However the key word here is SIMILAR. In all the women and couples I’ve supported I can honestly say that no two stories or situations are exactly the same.

Let’s look at it this way. I could tell you the code used to write a part of my webpage. Then you could use that code to replicate the webpage for yourself. But what if you need your webpage to be blue not white? Or what if the operating system on your laptop is a little different to mine? Could you adjust the code to deal with these differences? No you couldn’t! Because all you’ve done is copy mine.

In this program you learn how to see fertility from your body’s perspective. You begin to map out your own fertility journey. Not your friend’s, sister’s, or neighbour’s journey.

Your own journey.

Pay a professional?

Yes, I’m all for paying professionals. I’m a professional. But you know what…we’re expensive. Not because we think we should charge heaps, but because it’s really expensive running a business. With things like advertising, computer software systems, professional development, business and professional registration, and hiring staff…my hourly time is a stretch for most people. And let’s face it, having a baby is not cheap!

I designed this program after spending hundreds of thousands (yes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS) to have my two kiddos. So I get laying out money before even becoming a parent. This is why I wanted to have a program which streamlined the stuff I work through with EVERY client. And then personalised the bits that were client specific.

That way I was able to help people at a fraction of the cost of seeing me 1 on 1.

My challenge to you

Right now you realise there are changes you can make. You’ve read material, listened to podcasts. But let’s face it, you’re a busy person, and getting pregnant can sometimes start to feel like a full-time job.

Maybe you’re just opening your own fertility story, and you want to get the best start. Maybe you’ve been on this chapter of the book for a while, and it is taking longer than expected.

Maybe you’re ready to write the next chapter.

If you’ve taken the time to read this and mull it over you’ll realise you have 3 choices:

  • Continue to research for yourself. Try ten different things to see whose theory might work for you.
  • Walk away and look back thinking, if only.
  • Take action, open that new chapter, start writing your own story.

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